Things I learnt over Easter

Today is a work day.  Well it’s supposed to be.  But not really.  You can’t have a work day sandwiched between public holidays, especially after a four-day Easter weekend of excessive chocolate eating, hotcross-bun munching and wine drinking.  My juice fast is long forgotten!

I learnt some things while stuffing myself full of sugar:

  • There is no substitute for Lindt, whether it comes dressed in a gold bunny suit or in a slab with a little chilli or salt.
  • It would be nice if predictably unreliable men surprised me by being unpredictably reliable.
  • I have some very cool friends.
  • Wine and whiskey on the same night leave a thumping headache.
  • My chiropractor was right about energy being trapped in my lower back … backbends are back in action!
  • Long weekends spent at home seem mundane on the surface, but turn out to be deliciously indulgent.
  • It’s great to know that patterns are repeated until we get the lesson, but what would be better is knowing how to stop repeating the pattern in the first place!
  • I don’t really get the royal wedding-hype thing – although marrying a Danish/Swedish prince might be a deviation from dating less-than-royal South African men (they are royal somethings, but definitely not royalty, if you get my drift 😉

I have been trying to find the perfect pair of everyday boots.  Which means low heel, slouchy, comfortable, and probably ankle/mid-calf.  No luck locally, but just look what is available from my favourite Scandinavian store 🙂 (ok, only two of them are boots, but who cares?):

Which of course takes us straight back to the benefits of marrying a Scandinavian prince 😉