My heart beats to a Weyandts beat

What a weird week.  I put it down to all those public holidays we’ve had … and yet another one next week!  I’ve managed to see psychics and old friends, and drink too much wine, and skip yoga two mornings this week.  I’ve managed to have a bad case of the sads and a big case of the happy heartbeats, all within four days … I feel exhausted (and mindblown that it’s Thursday!). 

I really need some bedside lights, and I’d like some of the hanging variety … of course Weylandts always has these things covered:

These bedside lamps are also gorgeous:

With the cold weather set in, I’d love to dress up my floors:

And I don’t really need a new table, but this one would look so good in my house, and I can just imagine throwing large dinner parties around it!