Hopes for India

In just 3 days I’m off to India.  Again.  Yes. 

It’s a bit of a crazy thought.  When I booked myself onto this Ashtanga teacher training course it felt like AGES away, and yet here we are.  I’m beginning to feel more than anxious; I really, really loved my experience in India in January, but I had my best friend with me as scooter driver and general psychological guidance councillor, and this time I’ll be going it alone, and it will not be a holiday.  I’ll be working really hard and India can be unexpectedly intense, distressing and infuriating.  I’m also wondering how my body is going to react and how I’m going to cope with complete yoga submersion for one month. 

Oh, and if I’ll even be a good teacher!

While I’m away this blog may be on the lean side, but I will be blogging for Shape magazine, probably every second day or so, so you can always catch up with me and my sweat stained mat over there 😉

I’m hoping Dharmshala will allow:

  • a deeper, more layered yoga practice
  • a greater understanding of yoga philosophy (as I tend towards a focus on the physical asanas, rather than the meaning behind, or inside, them)
  • an integration of a whole lot of changes that have taken place since January – singledom, lost love, letting go, career and ideas of ‘success’ reevaluation, old flames rekindled, and seemingly endless opportunities for growth and lightness
  • an insight into how to heal my weak spots – physical and mental – whether that means realignment,  or ceasing and desisting 🙂
  • new friends
  • large gulps of Himalayan air, mental tapestries of Himalayan mountains, and ingested wisdom from Himalayan temples
  • a calm within the Indian chaos; a peace in the moment.

So I’m not expecting too much then 🙂

Oh, and some distracting eye-candy would not go amiss.  For sure.