Home with a bump

What I week!  I’d rather never have one of those again, thank you very much!

I got back from India, got flu, and got an allergy from antibiotics (which I was taking to annihilate the illegal parasitic occupants of my gut, which of course I got in India).  Add to that the fact that I have no hot water (heat pump gave up) and no heated living space (air con/heating unit thinks it’s summer), and that I am back from 5 weeks in an alternative universe, struggling to find my feet and be back in reality, and you have an absolute mess!  Oh, and I am no longer blonde – a short-lived relationship – I am now a redhead.  Talk about an identity crisis!

ANYWAY.  I’m teaching my first yoga class this evening, which has got my nerves all a-flutter.  I’m really hoping that a) I remember the words to describe the primary series (and the sequence of the primary series!), b) I remember how to adjust, and c) everyone likes my class.  Who knew yoga could be so damn stressful!

Last week I did a little something for Shape magazine and tested out aerial yoga.  Talk about FUN!  Below are some pics.  It’s really worth a try!

Jen xx