What a weekend.  Too much sadness in just two days.  I saw something on Twitter last night that made me think: The correct way to dole out our grief – 65% Somalia, 30% Norway and 5% Amy Winehouse. 

There are comments all over social media sites at the moment about how Amy had it coming; and perhaps she did.  Her self-destruction played itself out in the media for everyone to witness and pass judgement on.  Her talent was unmistakable, but perhaps it was her pain, her obvious extreme internal conflicts that allowed that talent a voice – she had a direct line to that heartbreak, the heartbreak and self-loathing that made it impossible for her to resist reality-altering drugs.

Honestly, I don’t think we should be deciding who is more worthy of our grief – starving Somalis, innocent Norwegians killed by a religious extremist, or a singer who couldn’t live with herself or the world.  Don’t these deaths all point to something bigger, something we should be aware of – the state of the world?  The ability of people to immediately judge someone’s death as less important?  Isn’t that why, through judgemental attitudes, extremist close-minded behaviour and unequivocal decisions about what is “right” and what is “wrong”, we’re in the mess we are anyway?

And the sad thing is I think we’ve only just started to see the acceleration of pain that I believe will continue until we change the ways we deal with each other and our fear of ‘the other’.


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