Man, I feel like a woman

Woman are really pretty damn tough and we endure way more regular pain then  men.  Okay, maybe I can’t say that for sure, since I lack testicles (most days), and I’m sure shaving your face every day is pretty shitty and not very comfortable, but seriously, women go through some serious discomfort weekly (not to mention the monthly PMS, inconsolable crying, cramps and bloatedness).

Take today for instance. I had a peel that removed what feels like most of my epidermis – it burnt like hell and now I’m red and tender (although, it has its upside: hopefully clear Optiphi-ed skin).  My hormones are asunder and I’ve developed some almost-30 acne … WTF?  (Men don’t have this problem either!). 

Women also have to wax (a lot), or laser (seriously sore).  Some are even so hardcore that they laser off the whole shebang … not a pubic hair to be seen.  Now I know there are some men that de-fluff too (let it be known that I’m not one who loves a hair-free man), but they don’t have to.   We do. 

There’s just a heap of maintenance as a woman.  No sooner have you got your legs smooth, then it’s time to get a pedi and mani, get the perfect done-but-not-too-done hairstyle, cover the grey hairs, have your epidermis “renewed”, massage the hell out of your bum and thighs (and apply expensive cream in the hopes of minimising cellulite before Clifton holidays), tweeze stray brows, exfoliate every inch of skin, expunge all pubic hair, and worry about dehydration and aging (no matter what eye creams I use, every time I get a facial I’m told my eye area is dehydrated.  Really). 

And then of course you get married, or have a long term boyfriend, and “forget” to shave your legs for the entire winter period.  Ah, the joys of commitment 🙂