What I learnt this weekend

It was quite a weekend.  Here goes:

  • Once again I am reminded about how much I love my friends.  They make me laugh until my face hurts.  And they think I’m funny.  Score.
  • Teaching yoga really is awesome.  I love seeing people experience what I feel, and watching them connecting with their own bodies.
  • Internal dialogues.  Phew.  I made this decision over the weekend: you can choose to be fucked up about something, or not.  I’m choosing not.
  • Things change.  I know that’s not terribly profound, but sometimes I don’t think we really get it.  You can’t live in nostalgia and think the present reality will feel the same as it did in the past.  It really doesn’t.  And sometimes that’s so very sad, and you really miss how things used to feel and be between you and someone else; but maybe the changes also help you to move on.
  • You’ve really got to be pretty damn bloody certain when you marry someone that they satisfy you on all the levels you need to be satisfied on – make sure the big, important boxes are checked.  Otherwise you have a recipe for disaster.
  • No matter how good things feel between you and someone else, sometimes it just doesn’t work out.  This is a tough one for the stubborn romantic in me, but I just keep repeating: Never make someone your priority when you are their option.  True story.
  • Sex can just be sex; and then it’s a purely physical process and about satisfying biological needs.  Great sex is about connecting, energy swapping, making oneself vulnerable, sharing, and of course orgasm … and then all the closeness that comes after.  I think the great sex is what we are addicted to – the rush of hormones, the thrill of connecting with someone, the affirmation of reciprocated desire, the elevation beyond biological to the place where you think someone might just get you.  

Jen xx