no oppikoppi

Last week was a quiet blogging week.  In fact that was the only part of the week that was quiet, with the rest being packed with work, yoga and antihistamines.  But it was a good week too … I feel best when I am busy, productive and participating in the economic climate.

Here’s what I learnt this weekend:

  • Spring has poked its head out of winter’s duvet … soft, lime baby leaves and new shoots are appearing.  It’s my favourite time of year.  And added to that, the swallows will be back soon.  Happiness.
  • The busier I am the more time I have and the more energy I have to do stuff.  It may not be that way for extended periods of time, but patches of frenetic work between consistently busy is seriously motivating.
  • Human beings are insecure.  Even the ones you think are robustly self confident: there’s always someone’s opinion they value, the person who has the capacity to make them question their worth.
  • Tell people you value them and that you love them. It’s not always easy to say … but it’s always good to hear 🙂
  • There are some ex-boyfriends that you phone and there is still a connection, a missing,  a longing, and there are those who you speak to and there is … nothing.  Nothing but sadness and memories of the way things once were.  In both cases it’s best to make a cup of tea … and paint your nails instead.
  • Contrary to popular opinion I have body issues, and this week was one where my body love was tested … by cellulite.  Seriously, what is it all about?  I feel a little defeated.
  • There’s a sailor on my mind.  This telepathy thing is harder than I thought