Woman’s Day

YAY for breasts and vaginas.

Today is a public holiday, which makes tomorrow feel like a Monday, when in fact it’s a Wednesday, and that makes it a three day week.  Yes.

I very much like being a woman.  Yes indeed.  And since we can do anything men can do, I’m hard-pressed to find anything lacking in my life due to my oestrogen levels.  But if I was a man for a day I’d:

  • get a lot of blowjobs (probably from men and women … for comparative purposes)
  • do a whole bunch of strength based yoga postures which currently piss me off in my slightly less muscled feminine state
  • adjust my balls in public … a lot
  • shave my face just to see what the fuss is all about
  • sleep with a couple of girls and see if sex really is different for a man (i.e. is sex really just sex?)
  • tease my friends and call them abusive names, all in the name of affection and bonding
  • get into a fist fight (or at least a little chest pushing)
  • jerk off
  • count how many times I think about sex in a day
  • test out the lack of male toiletries scenario and how it feels not to wear make-up and not take an hour to get ready for a date
  • Call someone “bru” with a straight face (preferably in the free-weights section of the gym)
  • Indulge in a haircut that costs 10% of my usual snip.

And then the next day when I’m back to being female, I’d play with my boobs for a good few hours, have multiple orgasms and pout and blink to get some man to buy me a drink.  Because that’s all we women do. 

Viva vagina!

Jen xx