It’s not like I’m particularly precious about my personal space, but I do have my limits.  Today I took myself off to the GP due to a suspected bladder infection.  Tests returned inconclusive.  So my doctor decided that the next logical step was to give me an internal examination.  JAYSUS.  When I go to the gynae I mentally prepare myself for the probing around and indignity.  This came out of the blue!

I shit you not – she used her entire hand and had a good feel around.  What freaked me out completely though was the ovary squeezing and uterus poking.  Bloody hell, I had NO idea the baby-making bits were so accessible!   

I feel like I need a debriefing.  I’m thoroughly traumatised … although I guess the silver lining is that everything is in order!  God help me though when I do have a baby in my womb!