Coffee table pretty please

Right, my brain is melting.  I kid you not.  Too much work, and too many balls in the air.  I need a PA and I courier.

Erm, where was I?  Oh yes.  Frazzled.  And my poor blog gets left out in the cold.  Much like my cat who is giving me the cold kitty shoulder as I’ve been too busy to devote all my free time to stroking him.

My house is looking lovely, after I painted some plastic animals and plastic army dudes neon pink (I will post pics…).  But I really need a new coffee table.  And it has to be one that is big enough and low enough to handle an impromtu informal snacking vibe.  I have my eye on one from Modernist (ok, I have my eye on many things from Modernist, but I’m being restrained).  Who’s up for making my day?

On another note:

Blog (via Urban Dictionary) 

To spew uncontrollably from one’s brain; involuntary and unstoppable release of thoughts onto electronic media.

“Dude. I totally just blogged all over that web page.”
“When I read about what happened last night, it made me blog all over my website.”
“I thought that chick was so hot that I had to blog as soon as I got home”