A Friday gift (besides that it’s Friday)

So what’s better than a Friday? 

Well.  A Friday when you’d been mentally preparing yourself for a mad day and then you find out that you have the entire morning free … to do loads of other shit.  But that’s not the point. 

 What it means for me is that I can yoga myself at a reasonable hour (read 6am) and then pack my car and carry things about in preparation for a pop-up shop at Aquaonline (all without excessive preplanning and lack of sleep).  Oh yes.

And today has seen me viciously swiping my credit card machine.  I love the sound of till slips printing.

Lessons this week ?

  • I’m actually pretty socially awkward without alcoholic lubrication
  • I’m 30 really soon
  • Eka pada shirshasana will be the end of me
  • It’s not that I’m old fashioned, but I really do like to be chased.  Use it don’t use it
  • I remain obsessed with ceramics

  • I like men.  Much.  And it becomes more obvious the longer I remain single …

  • South Africa has some seriously amazing jewelry designers.  Skermunkil is way up there.


  •  I would very much like to wear Madewell every day


  •  Spring is a tease.  But I see it over there.  Yes I do.  Hello balmy good humour and happy times.



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