Weekend recap

I’ve outdone myself this year.  And now my body is outdone.  A couple of months with Olivier, travelling Ashtanga teacher, and I feel like I need a long moment on my bed.  Ahimsa may need to be reevaluated.

My week/weekend (despite lack of sleep) was a very cool one. Here’s a recap:

  • There’s such a thing as too much yoga
  • Teaching kids makes me happy (although I’m still feeling stressed about being “fun enough”)
  • It’s almost time for my 30th birthday and although I’m feeling freaked out about aging, I’m also relieved that this year has been one where so many things have come together (and apart) for me.  Finally I’m able to balance happiness and sadness, and feel deep-down that my days are filled with the ‘right’ things and people
  • The desire to leave SA is still strong, but I’ve come to realise that I enjoy the depth of relationships I have when I’m at home – I’m not really a skipping along the surface kind of person
  • There’s a tension in the air at the moment – not necessarily a bad one, just a stretched feeling, as though everyone is being pushed into discomfort.  Without a doubt this year people are having to deal with their shit
  • Coldplay push my melancholy button in just the right way

    We're at Coldplay!

  • A musician on stage is an irresistible aphrodisiac
  • Everyday I become more aware of the many layered nature of yoga – the benefits are immediate, but the deeper layers of the practice take years to reveal themselves, possibly because it takes years to become aware of the subtleties
  • Once is a mistake, twice is a choice
  • Next year is the year I buy a horse

Jen x