Things I learnt this weekend

  • The friends I have are some of the best people in the world
  • Unexpected things happen when you take your power back
  • Even more unexpected things happen when you say ‘yes!’ to people, to events, to life
  • A long distance call can save a Sunday
  • I love women.  It’s a pity men make my bones melt
  • Men are mostly stupid (throw rocks at them)
  • Even if you’ve known someone for years and years you can still miss each other when it comes to explaining matters of the heart
  • It’s never really about the sex
  • And it’s never fun not getting what you really, really want
  • Forthright.  Honest.  Authentic.  Tell someone you love them (and put aside your expectations)
  • Magic sometimes happens at rock bottom

It wasn’t the best weekend I’ve ever had; but it was jam-packed with emotion, conclusions, disappointment and some truth-telling.