Far north

I landed and hit the ground running (cycling). Copenhagen is as lovely as I had imagined, even if I feel as though I have yet to get grounded!

I had a weekend of workshops with David Swenson and today was the second day of a seven day teacher training.  I’m feeling a little broken from 12 hours of mainly asana on Saturday and Sunday, and I think I may collapse on Sunday.

Here though is what I’ve learnt so far:

  • Biking is nerve-wracking in a city where everyone has been riding bikes since they were kids. Riding around on the ‘wrong’ side of the road has probably been one of the more challenging adjustments of the last few days
  • Kiin Kiin offers some of the very best food I have ever eaten.  In fact I may never be able to eat any other Thai food again
  • David Swenson is everything I’d hoped for
  • The Danes have awesome dogs.  Really well behaved and cute looking dogs emerge every day from apartments to go for restrained, docile walks
  • There is too much lovely stuff to buy in this town
  • South Africans are extremely sedentary (even the ones that practice 90 mins of ashtanga six days a week).  I feel a little like I am doing Copenhagen bootcamp – cycling, stair climbing, yoga and some walking.  Six pack yet?  Pass me a pastry
  • Copenhagen is really beautiful with its long hours of sunlight, water everywhere and copper-domed roofs.  And the people are nice to look at too



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