A few weekends ago I went gliding in Magaliesburg – what a rush!  I’m not the best flier, so I was pretty nervous, but once up in the air, the view was magnificent, and it’s the closest I’ll ever come to being an eagle spiralling in a thermal.

A word of warning though: stall-turns are not for the faint of heart.  Cue adrenaline shakes.

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Well, one way to start the year with a bit of a boost is with a kitten.  We have a new addition, Phoebe, and our older, chubbier cat is rapidly being forced into a less sedentary life-style.

Kittens exude everything I want to take into this new year – excitement, curiosity, energy, spontaneity, independence, pluck and courage, a zen-like ability to relax, and purring softness and affection.  And they also smell like biscuits.  Delicious!

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Namaste 2014

Last year wasn’t much of a blogging year for me, but I’m hoping to make amends this year!

2013 was a fast and furious year.  A new relationship, a new job, some surprises, some shitty news, some wonderful times, and  some lovely trips.  And, always, ashtanga, a ballast in the storm, even if, as I go into my fifth year of practice, there’s more plateau than ever before, backbends disappear and reappear, and sometimes just getting up and unrolling my mat feels like a very big accomplishment.

December is my  favourite time in Joburg, even when I’m not actually in Joburg.  The normal grit and pace is tempered by a mass exodus to the sea, a big heavy exhale, roads are calm, emails remain unanswered, and there is a collective agreement that work will only resume in the second week of January.  And here we are in that very week, the slumbering giant awaking, industry cogs beginning to whir.

I inevitably feel a little overwhelmed at the thought of a whole new year, especially I guess this year with its lack of a job right now, and the relentlessness of time passing.  I think though, if there is one resolution I’ll make a daily practice, it’ll be to let go of comparisons to other people and the perception I have of their lives.  No good can come of it.