Day dream

Being a florist seems like a pretty sweet deal.


Succulent bouquet

White and citrus


Dark bouquet

Bouquet with succulents


Vintage colours


Table decor

You can find me online

In an effort to distract myself from a mediocre day I went online (window) shopping. Bring these to me anonymous sugar daddy.


Flared cotton dress from COS

Cotton and silk coat from COS

Ribbed collar shirt from COS

Knit sheer top from COS

Crisp wool trousers from COS

Silk tunic from COS


A-line jersey dress from COS

Wide collarless shirt from COS

Timothy & Clover

love these guys!  Timothy & Clover deliver fresh, organic fruit and veg (and some meat and dairy) throughout Johannesburg.  You order on a Monday or Tuesday, and your doorbell rings on a Thursday or Friday.

We’ve been ordering small veggie boxes for the last three weeks – a great selection of seasonal veg, and enough to last for at least five days.  Love it!

TIMOTHY-CLOVER_sidebysideoption_150hIMG_3537 IMG_3488 IMG_3485

Animal rings

As an antidote to my largely unemployed status, I’ve decided to hunt the Internet and in the process blog every single day, in an effort not to lose my marbles.

Here’s the first of ‘things I must have, but can’t afford right now’: these animal rings are ridiculous!  I love them.

Bull terrier ring

Rabbit ring

Owl ring

Parrot ring

I found these guys via Pretty Pretty blog.