The crown jewels

Things are suddenly a whole lot neater and tidier in my bathroom!  Years of accumulated accessories are as neat as a pin, and as an added bonus, I can now actually see what I own.

My joy in order knows no bounds!

Jewels on display

Warm and sultry

Autumn has fully settled in, and my skin – slowing drying out as the Highveld turns from green to yellow to all shades of dusty brown – tells me that winter is just a few weeks away.  It seems sudden this year, but maybe every year I have the same selective memory and the same disbelief at the rapid passing of time.

These crisp Joburg mornings make me long for December, which must be my favourite month in South Africa, with its lazy heat and countrywide inactivity.  In an effort to recapture those carefree feelings, I went through my December 2013 holiday snaps – a blissed out, snooze fest of a time in Zinkwazi, on the Natal north coast.









Vertical gardening

I love succulents (they are intricate and amazingly varied, but they are also one of the few plant species I manage to keep alive!), and I love vertical gardens. I’ve been thinking about a vertical garden for a long time, and finally over the weekend the wall outside our front door got some decoration!

We mixed up some cuttings from other succulents we’ve been growing, and some new, bigger plants (including some herbs) from the nursery.  Tada!

The beginnings


Last weekend was spent getting out of Jo’burg, and getting into (always) rainy, cold and atmospheric Dullstroom.  It’s lovely to get out of the city, and Dullstroom is a perfect, close retreat, even if I could never live there – that climate!