Lulu & Marula

My skin is not my best asset.  It’s troublesome and sensitive and hormonal.  I’m hoping that the oiliness that leads to the trouble will stand me in good stead when it comes to the slow onset of wrinkles, but the way things are going right now, it doesn’t seem all that promising (read: wrinkles and pimples).
I’ve tried just about every product known to womankind, from the exorbitant to the common-or-garden, and a plethora of in-salon treatments and facials.  Some work; most make my skin a zillion times worse.  And I err on the side of not tested on animals, so that makes things a little more tricky.
At the moment I’m on the REN train, and happily I’ve not had any massive negative response.  The products I’m using are in fact lovely.  I’ve also discovered Lulu & Marula – made in South Africa, all natural, and beautifully packaged.   I’m trying out the purifying treatment oil, which smells divine, and although hasn’t given me perfectly clear, sensationally uniform skin (in other words, the skin I never had when I was 21), it hasn’t made me break out, which is a pretty big deal for me.

Purifying treatment oil

I’m going to try the cleansing balm next.

Balancing cleansing balm

You can even shop online.