Loud and proud

I’ve made the decision that 2014 is the year of the accessory.  One of the biggest fashion truths is that your wardrobe can consist of very basic items (think jeans and t-shirts), but your look and style can be anything but basic with the application of the right accessories.  Enter shoes, bags, belts and jewellery.
I’m especially interested in large, gutsy jewellery pieces at the moment.  Everything becomes elevated and donning a statement necklace (or three) really is the easiest (and usually cheapest) way to transform an outfit from meh to the opposite of meh.
(As an aside, since I tidied up my accessories and displayed them in a way which, literally, thrills me every time I see it, I’ve become even more obsessed with accessorising.  It’s a happy day when baubles meet order meet aesthetics.)