Postcards for ants and other stories

I love (LOVE) Lorraine Loots’ 365 Postcards for Ants, and I’m in the midst of booking a painting or four from her Cape Town themed 2014 project.
Look at the loveliness:

I also love this short film in which Lorraine discusses herself and her work.  She talks about how she was raised to believe she could be and do anything, and how this idea is frequently completely paralysing in its enormity.  I’ve often said how I wish I’d had an unwavering desire to be a doctor from the age of 5, and that’s what I’d happily become … instead of a jack of all trades!

Origami scarves

These scarves are so pretty!
“This design is based on the Japanese tradition of origami. Continuing with the theme of folding and wrapping, this design depicting a folded piece of paper, explores three dimensionality through line and pattern. At first glance, a quarter of folded furoshiki appears to be decorated with nothing more than bold stripes, but viewed as a whole, it transforms into an intricate and three-dimensional trompe l’oeil. A black print gives a cool, monochrome look to this design.”