Wooden utensils of delight

I’ve taken to making my own nut butter and jam.  The nut butter is definitely a result of being the proud (temporary) owner of a MagiMix, and I think the jam making stems from it being strawberry season and me not really loving fresh strawberries.  Both pursuits make me feel pretty amazing – like an absolute domestic goddess, and also like I’ve got my shit together (when all evidence points to the contrary).
I saw these gorgeous utensils on Etsy, and I imagined them scooping and spreading my homemade strawberry jam and cashew nut butter onto warm bread. They’d really cause a stir in my kitchen (get it?).

A summer daydream

Temperatures are rising and spring feels like it’s here!  I’m sick to death of my winter wardrobe and wearing layers … black, grey, and more black.  I cannot wait for the easy breeziness of summer!  These images from & Other Stories got me daydreaming about white and sheer, skin and sun.