Contemporary fabrics for the hospitality industry

We are in love with Tessa Sonik’s new range specifically aimed at the hospitality industry. The Tessa Sonik Fabric Collection is committed to a principle Tessa calls ‘UP’.

“UP is about giving back, it’s about conscience, and it’s about celebrating the flaws synonymous with the human experience,” explains Tessa. The collection represents the imperfection that comes with being human, the soul, and celebrates the work of human hands in its creation. Existing fabrics have been up-cycled, reused, over-dyed and reworked, while staff has been up-skilled to become artisans of dye and handwork.

With over 30 years in the fabric business being an innovator and interiors consultant for both residential and commercial projects, Tessa’s collections are all about heart, and each collection is put together with a real sense of being.

Images via our Pinterest

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