The four best linen shirts for women

linen shirts for women

Our pick of the loveliest linen shirts for women

There’s little that says summer more than relaxed linen, creases and all. In fact, the most effortless way to wear linen shirts for women is to embrace the crumpled look. Linen shirts are stylish and versatile.

linen shirts for women

Hannah Lavery’s Drift Shirt is a casual and relaxed take on the linen shirt. It is made from pure linen and stone washed to give a more textured, soft look which also makes ironing optional. The Drift Shirt can be worn open or closed and the front knotted, if desired. 

2. Zara

linen shirts for women

Oversized linen shirt, with loose-fitting collared shirt made of 100% linen. Cuffed long sleeves. Asymmetric hem with side vents. Button-up front.

linen shirts for women

An oversized button-down linen shirt with exaggerated sleeves. It’s the small details here – Mandarin collar, sleeve pleat and button detail, oversized breast pocket, back nape peek-a-boo detail.

linen shirts for women

Made from organically grown French linen, this linen shirt has a classic button-through front with shell-look buttons and a curved hem.

Five of our favourite

Some of the pretty things that caught our eye this week.

Belter moonbag from Verse

Cinnamon, black or blush, what will it be?

Belter moonbag, Verse

Fold pants from Anmari Honiball

In the waist or on the hips, these are such great everyday pants.

Fold pants, anmari honiball

Swimsuits from Kortni Jeane

Mix ‘n match for your body and personality. We’re in love with this season’s fruit prints!

Kortni Jeane swimsuit

Kortni jeane swimsuit

Slip-ons from Matsidiso

A pair of shoes that would definitely see thousands of steps.  

Matsidiso slipons


Maxi shirt dress from Merwe Salt

Breezy and light, we love this shit dress that’s perfect on its own, or worn layered.

Bow sleeve shirt dress, Merwe Salt


Contemporary fabrics for the hospitality industry

We are in love with Tessa Sonik’s new range specifically aimed at the hospitality industry. The Tessa Sonik Fabric Collection is committed to a principle Tessa calls ‘UP’.

“UP is about giving back, it’s about conscience, and it’s about celebrating the flaws synonymous with the human experience,” explains Tessa. The collection represents the imperfection that comes with being human, the soul, and celebrates the work of human hands in its creation. Existing fabrics have been up-cycled, reused, over-dyed and reworked, while staff has been up-skilled to become artisans of dye and handwork.

With over 30 years in the fabric business being an innovator and interiors consultant for both residential and commercial projects, Tessa’s collections are all about heart, and each collection is put together with a real sense of being.

Images via our Pinterest

Health is wealth

Along with eating organic, consuming mostly plants (with a healthy dose of superfoods), how we store our food is also extremely important.

Enter Liebherr and their state of the art refrigeration technology. When Liebherr presented its BioFresh technology in 1996, it was celebrated as a ground-breaking innovation, and Liebherr remains a leader when it comes to food storage.

The BioFresh principle is simple: At a temperature of slightly above 0°C and with controllable humidity, foods keep their healthy vitamins, aromas and an appetising appearance for longer than in conventional fridges. BioFresh drawers are equipped with independent climate control.

The HydroSafe keeps fruit and vegetables especially fresh with high humidity levels, whilst meat and dairy products are better off in the DrySafe that offers lower humidity. Depending on requirements, both safes can be operated with identical settings. 

As fresh as the day you bought it, and packed with all the nutrients needed to ensure optimal health.


Nails in a hurry

We don’t know about you, but anything that saves us time is a winner.  Cue online shopping for everything from groceries and toiletries, to clothing and shoes. But when it comes to grooming, it’s hard to find 90 minutes to set aside.

Which is why we’re thrilled that our favourite pamper spot toast & co, has introduced 30 minute manicures and pedicures.  Just enough time to hurry in after work, take a deep breath in the ever calming space of toast, and make it home with time to spare. And because they use only top quality nail brands – CND Vinylux, OPI Infinite Shine and Color Club – you can be sure of chip-free, long-wearing nails.

All images via our Pinterest.

Getting organised

There’s nothing like a new year (and everybody’s current obsession with Marie Kondo tidying), to set one’s organising wheels in motion.

Can there be anything more satisfying that a neat and tidy space, clear of clutter? Not only does organising get rid of the dusty, broken or no longer needed, but it also makes us reconsider the things we keep in our lives, emphasising minimalism, mindful consumption and introspection.  

And honestly, a tidy drawer, rather than an overflowing topsy-turvy one, leads irrevocably to a tidy mind and a feeling a calm … and who wouldn’t want that in this topsy-turvy world?

Buy all the right containers for perfect storage from Santos.

See more dreamy neat spaces over here

Sensory experiences at Toast & Co

We’ve blogged about Toast & Co previously, and for good reason.  We love a good pamper session, and there is no other salon in Johannesburg that offers quite the same level of service, attention to detail and all round delightful ambience and relaxation.

Whether it’s a manicure, pedicure, facial or massage, any treatment at Toast is a sensory experience.  From the coffee, Ugandan from Carico, melt-in-you-mouth handmade butter biscuits (don’t say we didn’t warn you!), rose petals, handmade fizz bombs for luxurious pedicures, and carefully selected fragrance diffusers, candles and soaps (all for sale in the retail section).

Click here for a list of treatments available at Toast & Co.

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New year, new look

There’s nothing like the thought of a new year to get us itching to redecorate our homes!  Whether it’s bright and bold, fresh in tones of blue, green and white, or eternally stylish and feminine in pastel hues, we can’t wait to flex our creative muscles!

Which is your favourite look from our collections below? Fresh, feminine or bold?






All images via here and here. Fabric: Tessa Sonik Fabrics. Digital marketing: Joburg Capital

The new workplace

Happy employees are productive employees.  It sounds pretty logical to us, but companies are only now beginning to take this on-board and realise the impact that work interiors have on the happiness and productivity of employees.

The research is bountiful and it all leads to a common conclusion: happy, comfortable employees, are productive and creative employees. While this might seem like common sense today, a lot of offices are still stuck with clumsy layouts, dull interiors, and dysfunctional lighting.


 In a typical work week, people spend more time at work than they do at home. This is not to say that an office should feel like a home, but it should have great design qualities that make it not only a comfortable environment, but a productive one as well. Great office interior design allows employees to work as efficiently as possible while maintaining brand cohesiveness.

There’s no doubt that everything from the width of the corridors to the colour of the lampshades influences a company’s performance and its impression on visitors.  While bright tones and playful work areas may not suit every company culture, we love the below workspaces’ use of colour, fabric, furniture and office layout.

Images via. Fabric and commercial interior design: Tessa Sonik 

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