Stop it internet!

The internet kills me.  Really.  I can’t even begin to count the number of hours I spend sucked into the interwebs, tempted to splash out plastic money and amazed by people’s cool minds and impressive creativity.

Here’s another reason if you need one: Douglas + Bec (via super internet sleuth Lucky Pony)



Mariette Bergh

Lucky Pony alerted me to the loveliness that is Mariette Bergh.  I’m sad that I missed the exhibition in April – my walls are begging for new clothes.

Losing my head

I’ve always wanted a selection of modern trophy heads on the walls of my home.  And then I found these and my heart skipped a beat.

Check out Elle Decor here and here

Excuse me, there’s a bear in my tea

Anyone who knows me knows that I love tea.  It is a remedy for most things.

Images via Zodwa Kumalo

New shop love

I have a new favourite store in Parkhurst – Green Grass Design.

You can buy online, or visit their shop in Parkhurst (34, 4th Ave).


I love these from one of my favourite furniture stores, Vamp.  The gold would look marvellous in my house.

Etsy prints

My, I love these from Ashley Goldberg on Etsy.

Scandinavian dreaming

I am going to Copenhagen and Sweden in June (hello David Swenson), and I am very much looking forward to some Scandinavian design (goodbye credit card).

I love this Swedish apartment:

Images via Desire to Inspire