Grown-up toys

There is no limit to the amount of time I can spend on Etsy.  There also seems to be no limit to the amazing creative talents out there.

I am full-on CRAZY about these lovelies.  I think a collection of horses would look adorable on one of my shelves!

You can buy these lovely creatures here.


Email communication between my mother and someone from the law practice down the road:

I walk pass your premises on a regular basis – are you aware that you have a family of very large rats residing on your property?  They are quite unafraid and are often out on the driveway or the grass.  They seem to live in the holes that go from the verge under the wall into the garden.  I’m a bunny-hugger and don’t like killing any animal, and I would hate to have them poisoned because of owls, etc.  Perhaps you need to get some large cats? 

Yes we know about the rats – we are rat-huggers and encourage free range rats to enjoy our garden. Please don’t tell anyone else!  We are letting heron and other birds of prey, as well as genet from the river, keep their numbers in check. If you know of any prey birds please pass this on. I would ask you not to encourage any cats though, as I have two live staffies.

So on the weekends I see said rats out on the driveway, enjoying the sun, playing chess with jaunty berets, nonchalant as you like.  I wonder if they are aware that they are ‘prey’?  It’s going to take a very self-assured owl, I can tell you!


Rhino bags

A while ago I wrote a post about the scourge of rhino poaching.  It’s been hitting the headlines all month, with some major arrests made today.  Woolies has got involved making reusable bags.  All funds from sales go towards anti-poaching initiatives.  I like.  Let’s get proactive.


I love the bush.  There’s something about walking into a Park’s Board bungalow.  The smell.  The colour.  The look and feel.  It takes me straight back to my childhood and days spent in game parks with my parents. 

This past weekend I was in The Kruger Park – the Boyfriend was running the Kruger Half Marathon.  Yes, indeed.  Running through the bush, for 21km, with high hopes that the helicopter and numerous game rangers with guns had managed to scare off the lions and elephants. 

I was not running.  I was sunning myself and enjoying the view from the Skukuza deck.  Hippos and twittery things.  Sometimes I very much like the idea of disappearing into the bush, managing a game lodge somewhere, and waking up every morning to that wild smell, the wild sounds and an uncomplicated life.









Rhino poaching

I feel like having a big cry today.  There was a discussion on the radio this morning about rhino poaching and the use of rhino horn in Vietnam for medicinal purposes…although the medical efficacy of rhino horn has again and again been proven to be invalid and completely factually unsound!  ARGH!  It breaks my heart.  You just have to see the images of these poor butchered beasts to feel unadulterated hatred for the big business behind the poaching.

Check out these little noodles:

And this furry guy is already extinct:

So sad.  I’m going to donate here.  There’s also a Rhino Foundation blog with lots of info.

This is the kind of image that makes me want to hide under my bed:

Sorry, graphic I know.  Sometimes I feel like it’s a never-ending list; the animals that need saving, the people in distress, the world under attack.

Sheesh, think I need some tea, a rusk and a packet of Chuckles.  (Despite my ‘no-sugar day’ today!)


Images via the International Rhino Foundation, Chud and Ben Parr.