Age of Reason scarves

The beauty.
“I want Age of Reason to be the antidote to cute kitten and chitzy flowers on scarves, my passion is to surprise and delight people by creating things that are more thoughtful, bolder, naughtier or more exciting than expected. A scarf should never be boring, it should become part of your own style story and be a very special rare thing that can’t be found everywhere.”

See more (and super helpful videos on how to style your scarves) here.

Tiro Tiro

Whoa, there are some pretty things on this site!
“Tiro Tiro is a small line of jewelry and art objects designed by Teresa Robinson. Informed by traditional craft practices and 15 years of jewelry-making experience, we design enduring, covetable pieces for everyday use and enjoyment. We believe in the power of beautiful objects to inspire, delight and bring joy to the beholder, and aim to make work that does just that.”


Anthropologie wonders

What we really, really need in South Africa is an Anthropologie.  Or at the very least a reliable postal service.
This is just a jewellery post … wait until I get to my house and home picks!

Elotes layered necklace

Wind sway necklace

Half & half fringe necklace

Parrot ring

Toucan ring

Violeta druzy cuff

Heka cuff

Destrier cuff

Blonde woods necklace

Gold embrace cuff

Moon pier pendant

Tassel swirl drops

Teardrop traveler earrings

Pangaea cuff



I love this South African label, especially these lovely little every day bags:

Anchor print leather shoulder bag

Lines print leather shoulder bag

Loud and proud

I’ve made the decision that 2014 is the year of the accessory.  One of the biggest fashion truths is that your wardrobe can consist of very basic items (think jeans and t-shirts), but your look and style can be anything but basic with the application of the right accessories.  Enter shoes, bags, belts and jewellery.
I’m especially interested in large, gutsy jewellery pieces at the moment.  Everything becomes elevated and donning a statement necklace (or three) really is the easiest (and usually cheapest) way to transform an outfit from meh to the opposite of meh.
(As an aside, since I tidied up my accessories and displayed them in a way which, literally, thrills me every time I see it, I’ve become even more obsessed with accessorising.  It’s a happy day when baubles meet order meet aesthetics.)