Anthropologie wonders

What we really, really need in South Africa is an Anthropologie.  Or at the very least a reliable postal service.
This is just a jewellery post … wait until I get to my house and home picks!

Elotes layered necklace

Wind sway necklace

Half & half fringe necklace

Parrot ring

Toucan ring

Violeta druzy cuff

Heka cuff

Destrier cuff

Blonde woods necklace

Gold embrace cuff

Moon pier pendant

Tassel swirl drops

Teardrop traveler earrings

Pangaea cuff


Dirty thirties

Hello October. And that means that it’s almost November, my birthday month,  and since this year is the year I turn 30, I will be celebrating even more than the usual month-long festivities.

Anthropologie is one of my very favourite online destinations.  Birthday elf, go shopping!

Jen x


I’m crazy about Anthropologie.  And I spent a lot of time yesterday, when I had many other things I needed to do, perusing the site.  Awesome.

It was particulary difficult to choose my favorites! 🙂