Postcards for ants and other stories

I love (LOVE) Lorraine Loots’ 365 Postcards for Ants, and I’m in the midst of booking a painting or four from her Cape Town themed 2014 project.
Look at the loveliness:

I also love this short film in which Lorraine discusses herself and her work.  She talks about how she was raised to believe she could be and do anything, and how this idea is frequently completely paralysing in its enormity.  I’ve often said how I wish I’d had an unwavering desire to be a doctor from the age of 5, and that’s what I’d happily become … instead of a jack of all trades!

Emily Green

I love the work of Emily Green, a Melbourne-based designer who has become known for her use of colour.  Along with her range of jewellery, you’ll find scarves, watercolour prints, cushions and chandeliers, all a flurry of vibrant hues.

White and blue confetti drop earrings

Terrazzo drop earrings

Wisteria Painterly drop earrings

Stacy big bead double strand necklace

Zoe 18 bead necklace

Memphis Cockatoo watercolour print

Watercolour clouds print

Emily Green Hobes

Multi-stripe mint scarf

Watercolour scarf




Mariette Bergh

Lucky Pony alerted me to the loveliness that is Mariette Bergh.  I’m sad that I missed the exhibition in April – my walls are begging for new clothes.