I’m having one of those days.  You know the ones.  “Self, why are you being so irritating?  So infuriating?  Skin, why are you so tight and itchy?”

Argh.  Winter.  And I overslept by a lot, which is never a good way to wake up.  All I feel like doing is eating rusks dunked in piping hot tea.  Which of course is what I’m doing.  In fact by the end of  winter I may end up looking like a soggy rusk.  Pretty :/

I’m also having wardrobe issues (which is a pretty big downer for me).  I feel like I’ve been wearing the same outfit for weeks now.  The same jeans, long-sleeve tee and converse combo.  I think I’ve lost my initiative.  It’s a sad day when winter wins.

This lady over at Wearing It Today never seems to have a “I don’t know what to wear.  In fact, I have nothing to wear, and don’t even care!” day.  Amazing.  I love this look:

Right I’m off to eat some worms.


Vamp it up

Lord I love this furniture!  I’m in the midst of deciding what I want for the FWJ showroom (besides everything).  Too lovely.

See more from Vamp Furniture here.


Jo’burgers here’s your site.  Jo’busy.  A new go-to guide for what’s up in Jozi.  It’s written by the cool kids for the cool kids,  but even if you’ve never been a cool kid (ahem, like me;-)) you’ll find out some things you’ve never known about your city, and the places you should be visiting.  

In the cool stakes Emerson is right up there in my books.  She’s funny, pretty and terribly cute.  And I love her clothes!  In fact I want these jeans.  A lot.  I’m feeling a bit over the skinny, tight, low-waisted variety.  Don’t get me wrong,  I love the skinny jeans look, but sometimes I want to be a little more comfortable with a different silhouette.  And these are the pants for that!