Anyone else feel like they’ve had flu for weeks?  Mine doesn’t develop into anything and comes and goes, but I just don’t feel fantastic.  The last two days have been properly flu-ey and as a consequence I’ve managed to do NOTHING work-wise. 

I did manage to get to the hair dresser yesterday though (she’s one of those incredibly popular ones, so if I’d cancelled I’d have seen her in about six weeks time!).  I’ve been growing my hair for ages now, and it can now be comfortably classified as ‘long’.  Of course every time I head to the hair dresser I want to lop it all off!  She’s convinced me the only way to get through this long scraggily is to get extensions.  My hair is thin, so unless I try really, really hard, it just ends up looking alright and pretty boring, and I’ve never been one for a boring hair style!  So extensions it is…eek…do I need to think about the carbon footprint involved and any humanitarian issues with sticking someone else’s hair into my own? 

How cute are these?

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