Furniture Inspiration

There’s nothing like a new season to get us excited about a whole new look for our homes!

If you’re not afraid of colour, how gorgeous are these revamped and reworked painted furniture items?


If you’re more about timeless pieces with clean, modern lines, the below images have got our hearts beating a little faster.


It’s often difficult to find the perfect piece ready made, in store.  That’s where Fine Finish comes in – bespoke, custom made furniture made to spec.  Yes please and thank you.

Images via.

Digital agency: Joburg Capital.


Colonel is a French design company offering specialised furniture and other design beauties.  Everything is perfect.  I mean just look at those bowls!

Caracas chair

Suzie lamp

Diablo lamp

Dowood lamp

Reversed volume cauliflower bowl

Reversed volume chirimoya

Reversed volume bowls

Kyoto sideboard

Vamp it up

Lord I love this furniture!  I’m in the midst of deciding what I want for the FWJ showroom (besides everything).  Too lovely.

See more from Vamp Furniture here.

Essential furniture? OMG YES!

Crikey I can faff.  I yoga’d this morning (pat, pat, gold star) and it has literally taken me until now to start to get my work groove on.  The last few days have been a whirlwind of bath, basin and tap shopping, with loads of antique shop perusing added for good measure.  Not a lot of work done then!

I am pretty much head-over-heels for this shop.  If I could kit my entire house/studio out in Essential Life I’d be blissed-out.