Mudpuppy ceramics

Look at the beauty of these!  Just look!

Ceramic Skull Planter

Hanging Air Plant Cradle

Baby Head Vase/Planter

Hanging Air Plant Planter Pod

All Seeing Eye Hand Amulet

Lenneke Wispelwey ceramics

Lenneke Wispelwey honestly makes some of the most beautiful porcelain items I’ve ever clapped eyes on.  The styling on the site is also sublime.


Klomp Ceramics

Made in South Africa Klomp Ceramics are glorious.  Really.
Here’s some of the Klomp story from their website:
Klomp Ceramics was born out of a lifetime of preparation. Like a part of herself that had lain in wait for the right time to present itself.
What do you love to do? Mr Klompje asked his wife Alexia. A simple question not always so simple to answer.
‘Ceramics’ said the voice in her dream that night, and that part of herself was awoken.
Alexia Klompje creates handmade ceramics inspired by her life, experiences and things around her. Every piece is one-of-a-kind, adding to each collection’s individual organic quality.”

Geometric Platter I

Urban Tribe Necklace III


S&P Dishes VI


Circle Board II

Midnight Bowl I

Round pendant I


Colonel is a French design company offering specialised furniture and other design beauties.  Everything is perfect.  I mean just look at those bowls!

Caracas chair

Suzie lamp

Diablo lamp

Dowood lamp

Reversed volume cauliflower bowl

Reversed volume chirimoya

Reversed volume bowls

Kyoto sideboard

Mia Widlake

I’m quite obsessed with Mia Widlake’s styling and ceramics.

Pigeon dinner plate

Diver dinner plate

Whale dinner plate

Spoon jars