What a good practice this morning!  There are just days that everything works (despite the rapid drop in temperature again and the fact that I feel like I could sleep all day!).  I saw my needle-happy physio yesterday (for the ongoing hamstring/hip flexor issue … the unsexy limp) and he managed to locate a very large knot in my right butt cheek.  The pain was intense (hello elbow in the ass and needle twisted in the epicentre of the spasm), but somehow today I feel good.  Happy day … although post-practice I’m back to the limping around :/

I ordered a whole bunch of prints of photographs I’ve taken over the years (about 100 … I may have been overzealous) and I’ve been scouring the internet for original ways to display them – I will have to buy some frames, but would rather display the majority in more unusual ways.

Here are some ideas I found:

Images via Decor8 and Ikea (oh how I love Ikea!).