Internal dialogue

A very wise friend said some very wise things to me last night, one of which was this: “None of us are parented the exact way we would’ve liked.  Parenting just doesn’t work like that.  What that allows though is a deep understanding of the things we would’ve liked our parents to do, and so allows us to know just how we’d like to be loved. In that sense the best advice I can ever give anyone is to treat yourself as you would treat your own child – it’s very likely that you’ll offer your own child as much loving support as they need, and that you’d never speak to your own child with the same tone and same harsh words as your speak to yourself.”

I know from talking to my own mother that she thinks I’m pretty damn awesome, and I think that can be said for most moms and dads out there – my mom just wants me to be happy, whatever that entails.  From now on I’m going to try my very best to monitor my internal dialogue, the one that can be so very damaging and violent, saying things to myself that I’d probably never say to my worst enemy.

Jen x