Health is wealth

Along with eating organic, consuming mostly plants (with a healthy dose of superfoods), how we store our food is also extremely important.

Enter Liebherr and their state of the art refrigeration technology. When Liebherr presented its BioFresh technology in 1996, it was celebrated as a ground-breaking innovation, and Liebherr remains a leader when it comes to food storage.

The BioFresh principle is simple: At a temperature of slightly above 0°C and with controllable humidity, foods keep their healthy vitamins, aromas and an appetising appearance for longer than in conventional fridges. BioFresh drawers are equipped with independent climate control.

The HydroSafe keeps fruit and vegetables especially fresh with high humidity levels, whilst meat and dairy products are better off in the DrySafe that offers lower humidity. Depending on requirements, both safes can be operated with identical settings. 

As fresh as the day you bought it, and packed with all the nutrients needed to ensure optimal health.