The crown jewels

Things are suddenly a whole lot neater and tidier in my bathroom!  Years of accumulated accessories are as neat as a pin, and as an added bonus, I can now actually see what I own.

My joy in order knows no bounds!

Jewels on display

Dog on a treadmill

No, I don’t feel like a dog on a treadmill (or a hamster on a wheel)…well not all that often anyway.  I spent last night trying to get my pooches onto the treadmill and liking the idea of using it to burn off some of their excess energy (and there’s a lot of that!).  Bentley is seriously food driven, so I don’t think it should be that difficult to convince him it’s not terribly scary, while Lulu sat looking at me like I had just asked her to put on a dress and walk around in heels.  The problem is that the treadmill starts at a higher speed than I need it to – it needs to start at the lowest possible speed so as not to frighten the bejesus out of the hounds.  A work in progress. (P.S. Cesar Millan makes it look dead easy and he has troubled dogs galloping along in about 5 minutes flat.)

I spent yesterday doing admin – filing things has to be my worst.  I go though moments when I have to have everything as neat as possible – colour-coded, labelled, tidily at right angles – and then other days when piles of clothes gather on my bedroom chair because I can’t be bothered to re-hang them, and invoices and receipts become heaped on my desk.  Yesterday was an infrequent tidy day, and as always, I feel much better for having got a handle on things! 

How clever are these organising tools from Australian company Kikki.K?  I especially love the tax adhesive notes!