Rhino bags

A while ago I wrote a post about the scourge of rhino poaching.  It’s been hitting the headlines all month, with some major arrests made today.  Woolies has got involved making reusable bags.  All funds from sales go towards anti-poaching initiatives.  I like.  Let’s get proactive.

Rhino poaching

I feel like having a big cry today.  There was a discussion on the radio this morning about rhino poaching and the use of rhino horn in Vietnam for medicinal purposes…although the medical efficacy of rhino horn has again and again been proven to be invalid and completely factually unsound!  ARGH!  It breaks my heart.  You just have to see the images of these poor butchered beasts to feel unadulterated hatred for the big business behind the poaching.

Check out these little noodles:

And this furry guy is already extinct:

So sad.  I’m going to donate here.  There’s also a Rhino Foundation blog with lots of info.

This is the kind of image that makes me want to hide under my bed:

Sorry, graphic I know.  Sometimes I feel like it’s a never-ending list; the animals that need saving, the people in distress, the world under attack.

Sheesh, think I need some tea, a rusk and a packet of Chuckles.  (Despite my ‘no-sugar day’ today!)


Images via the International Rhino Foundation, Chud and Ben Parr.