Yesterday I took myself off for a Thai massage.  I’ve been feeling in need for weeks now, all stiff and sore, and I’ve also  acquired a yoga butt injury (or lower-right-butt-cheek injury to be precise).  The little lady worked on me for 90 minutes, sparing no energy when it came to stretching, pummelling and pushing her elbows and knees into me.  It was great!  I walked out of there feeling limber for the first time in weeks…and then 10 minutes later felt like hell.  I won’t go into the gories, but clearly la petite masseur released some serious toxins, and they had to get out! 

I have just returned from a physio appointment and am feeling a little rough after a sore yoga practice this morning.  One of those days that I should’ve listened to that voice in my head who constantly advocates the easy route (“just stay in bed”).  

The studio building continues – roof is on and painted, outside walls are painted and the floor has been thrown.  I love building terminology: throwing the floor, chasing the wires.  All very active!   🙂 

Now it’s just the finicky stuff and all the damn (but pretty) finishes.  I just want to move in now! 

If today, like me, you’re in need of something along the lines of ‘keep calm and carry on’, here are some words of wisdom: 



Via Busy Being Fabulous and The Diversion Project