Maboneng day of leisure

I spent a leisurely day perusing the bustling streets of Maboneng, celebrating a friend’s birthday (and day off work, as should be the case on all birthdays).  I visited Stitch and Steel (some great high-waisted wide-legged trousers in delightful prints), Loincloth & Ashes and Morphe (long time favourites of mine), a store selling cool Joburg inspired paraphernalia (corner of Fox and Kruger Streets), and had a great vegan burger at Eat Your Heart Out, which is next door to the delicious Little Addis.

A Thursday well spent!


Stitch & Steel skirt Stitch & Steel

Loincloth & Ashes

Loincloth & Ashes

The Joburg store The Joburg store The Joburg store

Eat Your Heart Out Eat Your Heart Out