My blog has been severely neglected in the last few weeks – a life in hyperdrive! Two weeks ago I was in Mozambique for a week’s yoga retreat with Ekam. It was simply awesome. Here’s what I learnt:

  • Tofo hasn’t changed that much in 8 years (which is great, considering the influx of tourists and the nasty neglectful attitude of most humans)
  • Flying to Inhambane is a wonderful experience – 3 hours later and you’re there
  • I life running a little backpackers in Mozambique is a truly appealing thought
  • Beer in Mozambique is delicious (after a day on the beach especially)
  • There are amazing people in the world
  • Matapa (a spinach/coconut milk mix) is delectable
  • South Africans have some entertaining things to say
  • Heartbreak and its effects cannot be underrated
  • I can sometimes be a little reckless and attach too much meaning to coincidence and connection
  • I’m a flirt (this one I’m still grappling with)
  • Sustained concentration during practice is a tough one for me (don’t even get me started on meditation)
  • Judgmental, egotistical attitudes pervade the more enlightened and those living fearfully in a box
  • Backbends remain my much loved nemesis (“heart open, heart open!”)
  • Timing, timing, timing
  • Joy is the middle point between comfort and discomfort
  • ¬†Choosing the unavailable is sometimes a way of keeping vulnerability at bay
  • Men who love dogs and kids are a potent sex appeal cocktail
  • Yoga has altered my body image drastically (for the better) but I can still feel incredibly awkward in my skin (there’s a disconnect between internal feeling and external appearance)
  • Talking a big talk is easy

Jen x