Chelsea boots

All I want in my life (you know, apart from all the other things I really, really want) is a pair of black Chelsea boots.

Woolworths have these, which are great, but they are men’s (they have them in black too, just not online for some reason).  But why?!

Woolworths Chelsea boot


A hat

This winter I’m going to wear a hat.  Look how pretty!

These beauties below are from Jane Sews, and available to buy online.

Felted hat from Jane Sews

Felted hat from Jane Sews


Johannesburg winters are not my favourite.  They have redeeming qualities – like warm midday temperatures, blue skies, and lack of snow and ice – but they are also so dry that the countryside, and my skin, turns to a scratchy, dusty husk of its former plumped-up-with-humidity summer self.

At the moment though I’m about ferreting out silver linings, and Joburg’s autumn colours and lovely wintery light fit the bill.

Pre winter's frost

Pre winter’s frost



An autumn cat

An autumn cat

Tree atop tree

Tree atop tree

Autumn sunrise

Autumn sunrise

Picnicking light

Picnicking light





Warm and sultry

Autumn has fully settled in, and my skin – slowing drying out as the Highveld turns from green to yellow to all shades of dusty brown – tells me that winter is just a few weeks away.  It seems sudden this year, but maybe every year I have the same selective memory and the same disbelief at the rapid passing of time.

These crisp Joburg mornings make me long for December, which must be my favourite month in South Africa, with its lazy heat and countrywide inactivity.  In an effort to recapture those carefree feelings, I went through my December 2013 holiday snaps – a blissed out, snooze fest of a time in Zinkwazi, on the Natal north coast.









Home with a bump

What I week!  I’d rather never have one of those again, thank you very much!

I got back from India, got flu, and got an allergy from antibiotics (which I was taking to annihilate the illegal parasitic occupants of my gut, which of course I got in India).  Add to that the fact that I have no hot water (heat pump gave up) and no heated living space (air con/heating unit thinks it’s summer), and that I am back from 5 weeks in an alternative universe, struggling to find my feet and be back in reality, and you have an absolute mess!  Oh, and I am no longer blonde – a short-lived relationship – I am now a redhead.  Talk about an identity crisis!

ANYWAY.  I’m teaching my first yoga class this evening, which has got my nerves all a-flutter.  I’m really hoping that a) I remember the words to describe the primary series (and the sequence of the primary series!), b) I remember how to adjust, and c) everyone likes my class.  Who knew yoga could be so damn stressful!

Last week I did a little something for Shape magazine and tested out aerial yoga.  Talk about FUN!  Below are some pics.  It’s really worth a try!

Jen xx

Loving Dullstroom

A very lazy weekend spent in Dullstroom, on a lovely farm filled with dams, a river, some hills, a forest or two, and buck, jackals, otters and aardvark (not to mention family).  So nice!  I managed to yoga, walk, eat, sleep and read.  PERFECT.

Here are some shots of the very wintery landscape (and classic highveld winter sky).  Awful, I know. 😉