Tessa Sonik’s UP JAPAN

Tessa Sonik’s latest collection is called ‘UP Japan‘, and is defined by everything ‘up’ – UP-cycle, UP-skill and UP-lift.

The range came about after much contemplation on how to work towards zero waste, and how to create new items from existing items. The brand has always been conscious of environmental issues, both economically and socially, so the question became how to create exceptional quality fabrics that didn’t compromise on current fashion trends.

And so UP Japan was born – a range of exclusive and limited edition print and dyed fabrics that meet the philosophy of UP-cycle, UP-skill and UP-lift.

The intricate printed fabrics are 100% polyester with a velvet feel and have a UV print, meaning that the fabric can be used outdoors.  The linens are hand-dyed, giving a natural look with variations in colour and coverage.

You can view the range over here.

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Well, one way to start the year with a bit of a boost is with a kitten.  We have a new addition, Phoebe, and our older, chubbier cat is rapidly being forced into a less sedentary life-style.

Kittens exude everything I want to take into this new year – excitement, curiosity, energy, spontaneity, independence, pluck and courage, a zen-like ability to relax, and purring softness and affection.  And they also smell like biscuits.  Delicious!

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